Erik Mara is such an amazing coach! He stands by you and pushes you to pursue your goals and much more!!! His plan works!!! Believe me I was in a major stall, and thought I was at my peak. It turned out to be that I was not eating enough, or at the right times! I tried his way eat Q3hr. His diet regimen and workout setup for me helped me so much! I was so nervous the first day w/ him in the gym I made myself sick. I then continued for an hour of cardio :,) What I liked about Erik was that he knew I was terrified of the machines, and I thought he was being nice and taking it easy on me as a newbie! Haha!!! That is just to show where my self thought was! I found now when I really try to get back into all I was doing I really did work hard for it! Especially that leg routine Erik! Thank you for never treating me like I was weak! You pushed me so much, and I'm stronger person I am today!‚Äč


- Ann, Registered Nurse

"I've been working out for years not getting results I want. Not knowing routines, sets, reps. Just keep doing the same exercise as I reached my plateau. I've always thought you can eat whatever you want as long as you put in hours of workout. Never got the result I want and don't know what direction I need to go. One day I met Erik Mara, he told me that i workout really hard but need some adjusting if I want to see results. He also talk to me about diets and everything seems to make sense. So I decided to take his program. I was shocked that I see major results in the first month that I've never gotten all the years working out. Now that I'm in my third month i just keep getting stronger. He really change my life and gave me all the knowledge of how muscles function. A great exercise and diet plan made just for me. I really appreciate what he have done for me and motivation for me to get to my goal."


- Joe, Kaiser Permanente Lift Technician

"Two years ago I decided to change my life and take care of my body. I was doing Yo-Yo diets and listening to the wrong people. I was lucky I found Erik; he helped me accomplish in 11 weeks what I couldn't do in 2 years. The most important thing I learned from Erik was the diet, you will never out-train a bad diet. I learned that the hard way."


- Paco, ESPN

When I decided to start training for bikini competition a co-worker of mine recommended me to Erik Mara. Erik definitely guided me to start out my fitness goals properly. He prepared my meal plan and was easily accessible to answer any of my questions and made himself available to train if i needed work on some work outs. Thank you Erik for being a part of helping me in achieving my goals. You're a great mentor, motivator and a knowledgeable fitness coach.


- Michelle, Respiratory Therapist